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Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Yes

Acidity: < 0,3%

Variety: Mourtolia and Koroneiki

Method of Production: Cold Extraction

Flavour Characteristics: Medium fruitiness and delicate bitter. Well balanced with medium pungent savour.

Origin: Laconia


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lacon Classic is a combination of Mourtolia and Koroneiki variety that offer a balanced flavour. It has particularly low acidity, as it does not surpass 0,3%, and thus it is classified to the category of extra virgin olive oil. Its high content in polyphenols makes it essential for health. Polyphenols are a natural antioxidant that protects from stress, radiation and infections.

The fruit is collected in the morning and is transported to the oil mill on the same day, to avoid the oxidation of the fruit. In our contemporary establishments we produce the olive oil using the method of cold extraction. As a result, we preserve its characteristics and flavor, that remain unaltered. Right after its production, it is stored in ideal conditions, where it stays until bottling. It is bottled in glass packaging of 60ml. The result is an olive oil of a very good quality, with an exceptionally balanced, medium fruity and slightly pungent flavour. It has a high nutritional value and gives taste to every plate of Greek and Mediterranean kitchen, as well as to any other kitchen. It is ideally accompanied with salads, roasted vegetables, fish, meat etc.

All our products undergo very strict organoleptic controls and are accompanied with all the necessary certificates so you can always be sure that the olive oil that reaches to your table preserves its unique flavour and quality.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lacon Classic 750ml

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