The territory of Interreg Marittimo includes the entire region of Liguria.

The food industry is concentrated in 3 production areas:

  • The culture of the olive
  • Horticulture: floriculture and viticulture
  • Catching fish

You will find among the leading products :

  • DOP extra virgin olive oil “Riviera Ligure”
  • Le Basilic génois DOP et Pesto génois
  • Genoese Basil DOP and Genoese Pesto
  • DOP and IGP wines from Liguria
  • Albenga vegetables: violet asparagus, trumpet zucchini, beef heart tomato, prickly artichoke .
  • Aromatic plants and floriculture products of nurseries of Ponant Ligure.
    Fish and aquaculture products from the Ligurian Sea: mussels and oysters from the Gulf of La Spezia, anchovies (IGP salt anchovies), shrimps from Santa Margherita, sea bream and seabass

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