The territory Interreg Marittimo covers all Sardinia.

Gastronomy in Sardinia is rich and original, based on ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Each province has its own tradition that uses the characteristic products of its area.

Typical products are :

  • The bottarga
  • Seafood
  • Olives “a scabecciu”
  • Olives in brine

Pasta and bread: cifraxiu, coccoi, costeddas, culurjonis, filindeu, fregola, mallereddus, panada, carasau bread …

Let’s not forget the different cheeses :

  • Pecorino sarde AOC
  • Fresa
  • Pecorino romain
  • Peretta

The tradition is also found in liqueurs and the fame of Sardinian wines is growing.

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