• Domaine Vecchio
  • Domaine Vecchio

Cuvée of discovery

Principle: vermentino from all angles, 3rd version. For foie gras, dessert and aperitif.

  • Vineyard: From a north-facing plot of light and light orange clays. Who suffers the recovery of the morning mists until 11am! and this, throughout the month of October.
  • Grapes: Vermentino
  • Harvest: selection grain noble, we pick only grains affected by noble rot, from 24 ° potential.
  • Vinification: Pellicular maceration, then aged in oak barrels (maturing for 9 months), resulting in 14.5% vol and 95g residual sugar.
  • Tasting: as for the white Melusine, we find the characteristics of vermentino (white vecchio) on the citrus notes etc .., but to this are added notes of apricot, persimmon, and honey, which coat the whole on a slightly iodized and smoked finish.
  • Care: 15 years
  • The food / wine pairing: Aperitif, foie gras, cheeses and desserts.

Beautiful tri-tys

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