• Le Potager en Herbes
  • le potager en herbes


The typically Indian Chutney (British in colonial times). It is prepared with fruits (exotic or not) and or vegetables cooked with vinegar, sugar and spices. It is then put in glass jars and can be stored like jams. It often accompanies foie gras, but we also recommend it on toast as an aperitif, as a condiment on meats, potatoes, terrines, vegetables, or a cheese platter. flavors! There are chutneys for all tastes. The chutneys that you will find on our page are recipes created by us, combining our vegetables, herbs and seasonal fruits from our farm, with dried fruits, Peppers and Berries from around the world, which we select with the greatest care. .

Heirloom tomato, eggplant and pesto chutney

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