Black pepper from Madagascar. 50 gr.

Origin Madagascar

A very spicy black pepper that hides its woody and fruity notes. Ideal for white meats, gratins and pasta or on a simple tomato salad! It is ideally suited to braised red meat, or butter-roasted fish with thyme and bay leaves. He marries a sea fish baked with a pan fried potatoes Charlotte. He raises a piece of braised beef with a spicy juice. It perfumes a sweetbread veal lacquered with sweet spices. It spices subtly a fresh sheep cheese with herbs. It raises a pineapple roasted old rum of the West Indies. ; This pepper delivers delicate notes of sweet spices reminiscent of clove in an infusion background or mingled scents of roasted herbs and garrigue. ; On the palate, it has a soft texture in attack, which evolves on sweet and warm notes raised by a mordant and refreshing final

Madagascar pepper 50g

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