An organization of companies to the service of the companies

What makes an organization great? Its ability for representation, the support and services it offers, the effectiveness of its action in defense of the companies. But more than anything else, its associates.

Established in 1944, Confcommercio-Imprese for the Italia Nord Sardegna is the largest business organization in the service sector, that is, commercial activities, tourism, services and the liberal professions.

Those who turn to Confcommercio often find solutions to the big and small difficulties encountered in the management of their company, while being able to count on a network associative system which, in its various territorial and sectoral joints, makes it possible to establish a relationship of authority with local, regional and national institutional interlocutors.

Our organization’s main objectives are to interpret, promote, defend and protect the moral, legal and economic interests of tertiary entrepreneurs and self-employment. This commitment comes along with  the service delivery according to the needs of the companies: trade-union, tax, technico-economic services, training, social security, credit and for all that concerns the life of the company.

As part of the national confederation Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia Nord Sardegna (which has more than 700,000 members, representing nearly 2,700,000 employees), Confcommercio Nord Sardegna also participates in moments of dialogue with the government to encourage the adoption of political choices that meet the requirements of our sector. It is also able to keep members up-to-date on economic, regulatory and union developments that are observed at the national level.

At the regional level, in agreement with the counterpart organizations of other territorial areas, Confcommercio Nord Sardegna interacts with the Region and is attentive to the socio-economic dynamics to promote interventions aimed at developing the represented activities and the growth of the whole economic system of our island.


The scope of representation

To put the companies in conditions of competition, for a better production and a faster growth.

Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia Nord Sardegna, represents mainly the entrepreneurs of four main areas of activity:

TRADE – From a neighbourhood extended-activity, to franchised networks up to the medium and large distribution. This sector includes companies of all sizes operating in the different product sectors and at different levels of the distribution chain.

TOURISM – Our associative reality includes, among others, hotels, restaurants and public establishments, travel agencies, tour operators, incentives, camping sites, tourist villages, tourist residences, bed and breakfasts, seaside establishments . Confturismo is their organizational coordination structure.

SERVICES – This includes sales assistants, brokers, real estate agents, company services (information technology, advertising, consulting), personal services (from sports activities to insurance agents) and professional activities in general.

TRANSPORT – Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia Nord Sardegna pays particular attention to the transport and infrastructure sector. Confcommercio is responsible for the most important codes of the road, maritime and logistical transport. Conftrasporto is their coordination structure.

Confcommercio-Imprese per Italia Nord Sardegna responds with a watchful approach to the different problems and various possibilities of development in front of the reality of multiple entrepreneurship. To inspire its activity, the rules of transparency and collegiality, the principles of pluralism and social responsibility to achieve a great goal: the economic development of associated companies and, with him, the social reality of our territory.